The Mapparium

mapparium150x150Inside this famous globe, discover how ideas can transcend geography and change the world.

The Hall of Ideas

HOI150x150Immerse yourself in an inspirational atmosphere bustling with ideas that have shaped humanity.

 Also on View

Branch Out

branchout-150x150This new public art piece celebrates the spirit of community outreach and the network of organizations with which the Library has partnered in recent years.


Peace Flag

Peace FlagThe flag on display in the Library is one of two that hung above the speakers’ podium during the 1907 Peace Congress proceedings in New York, presided over by Andrew Carnegie. The flag was given to Mary Baker Eddy in honor of her support of this and other peace movements.

Press Gallery

Press GalleryThis exhibit explores the often tabloid-like press coverage of Mary Baker Eddy’s personal life and the motivations behind her founding The Christian Science Monitor newspaper at age 87.

The Mapparium®: An Inside View

Mapparium2_HRLocated in the anteroom of the Mapparium, this exhibit details some of the changes that the Mapparium and the world has seen since 1935.

Mary Baker Eddy: An Extraordinary Life

extraordinarylifeWho was Mary Baker Eddy? Find out in this orientation video, which is shown in the Library’s Hall of Ideas.

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