The Christian Science Monitor



The Christian Science Monitor is an international daily newspaper founded in 1908, its object and journalistic ethic established by Mary Baker Eddy “to injure no man, but to bless all mankind.” Winner of seven Pulitzer Prizes, the Monitor offers dependable journalism and balanced, in-depth news coverage.

In an age of corporate conglomerates dominating news media, the Monitor provides a uniquely independent voice in journalism, and, though published by The Christian Science Publishing Society, the Monitor is not a religious periodical. The newspaper reports national and international news, with related features and commentary.

Mary Baker Eddy, the newspaper’s founder, was committed to keeping up with changing times, and, to that effect, the Monitor is now available to the world on its multimedia website. The newspaper also offers additional e-mail, mobile, and e-book editions. For more information and the latest news coverage, visit The Christian Science Monitor.

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