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Poems, First Edition, 1910

Poems, First Edition, 1910

In addition to her primary work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and some autobiographical reflections, Mary Baker Eddy wrote and published many other works during her lifetime, including the following:

You can read Science and Health online at ChristianScience.com/the-christian-science-pastor/

Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896
Mary Baker Eddy believed that this collection of writings was so important, that in 1897 she requested that students of her ideas spend the next year thoroughly reading it. The diverse articles, addresses, letters, and poems—on topics such as mental healing, forgiveness, angels, and marriage—are based on the author’s own experiences in putting her system of healing into practice. Considered by Eddy to be a book that would help readers better understand Science and Health, it contains dozens of letters from people healed just by reading that work.

“Hope,” “Woman’s Rights,” and “Resolutions for the Day” are just some of the titles in this inspiring book of verse. It contains 48 of Mary Baker Eddy’s original poems written from childhood through adult life. Poems includes a number of verses that were printed in various publications of her time, as well as seven that have been set to music as hymns (“Satisfied,” “Mother’s Evening Prayer,” “Feed My Sheep,” “Love,” “Christ My Refuge,” “Christmas Morn,” and “Communion Hymn”).

Unity of Good
In this publication, Mary Baker Eddy writes about how a better understanding of God as completely good can bring healing to one’s life. Fifteen short, individual chapters address subjects such as “The Ego,” “Soul,” and “The Deep Things of God.”

Christ and Christmas
This unique fifteen-verse poem is accompanied by eleven charcoal and wash color drawings by artist James Gilman.

Pulpit and Press
As the Original Edifice of The Mother Church in Boston rose week by week in 1894, the world watched. The completion of this new church caught the attention of journalists, public officials, and ordinary citizens throughout America and beyond. Pulpit and Press documents the completion and dedication of the Church, as well as the broad and diverse media coverage of the event. It contains excerpts from the dedication service (including Eddy’s dedicatory sermon), over 60 pages of reprints from newspaper articles, and more.

Rudimental Divine Science
This work answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Christian Science and how it heals.

No and Yes
A thought-provoking look at Christian Science in relation to other Christian faith traditions.

Christian Science versus Pantheism
Mary Baker Eddy’s 1898 message to the Church of Christ, Scientist, discusses how pantheistic beliefs have no relation to the concept of one universal God caring for man.

Christian Healing
Mary Baker Eddy explains how the healings performed by Jesus and his early followers are possible today.

The People’s Idea of God—Its Effect on Health and Christianity
This publication looks at how individuals’ lives are influenced by their views of God, and the life-transforming effect of spiritual ideas.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany
Part I of this two-part book is a collection of messages, addresses, letters, and newspaper articles about the building and dedication of The Mother Church Extension in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1906. Part II contains articles and letters written by Mary Baker Eddy to the public and to Churches of Christ, Scientist. Topics include peace and war, personality, health, Christmas, and more.

Manual of The Mother Church
This concise set of By-laws written by Mary Baker Eddy continues to guide all the activities of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, such as classes on Christian Science healing, public lectures, and church services. It outlines the unique system of government Mary Baker Eddy established for her Church and provides direction on the individual practice of Christian healing.

Message to The Mother Church for 1900
Includes a discussion of the “right thinker and worker,” obedience to God, love for mankind, and more.

Message to The Mother Church for 1901
Mary Baker Eddy speaks to the Church on such topics as “Christ is One and Divine,” “My Childhood’s Church Home,” and “Medicine.”

Message to The Mother Church for 1902
An in-depth look at the First Commandment and Jesus’ commandment to “love one another.”

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