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Does Mary Baker Eddy ever make a statement comparing personal and impersonal love?

This statement appears in the reminiscence of Emma Shipman...

Did Mary Baker Eddy free her first husband's slaves?

This is a difficult question to answer...

What is the history of Christian Science in Nigeria?

This was research question we received. Here's what we found: The first informal group of Christian Scientists was not formed in Nigeria until 1946...

Audiocast: What Has Made "The Christian Science Monitor" Special?

September 6, 2014

From its origins as a local newspaper to its development into a global thought leader — a look at the history and horizons of a unique influence in journalism.

A “regal gift from loyal hearts”

In 1897 a diamond hair ornament, shaped like a crown, was given to Mary Baker Eddy. The ornament contains 12 diamonds, six large pearls, and 39 small pearls set in an 18-karat gold crown, with a band of indigo blue enamel across its middle. Engraved on the back is the inscription “Mother 1897.” The ornament is a “combination pin,” as described by its donor, Amanda Baird — meaning it could be worn as a hair pin or used as a brooch.

Displaying the American Flag in The Mother Church

There is only one instance in which an American flag has been displayed in The Mother Church. This was on a Sunday in June 1908.