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Photo of George Glover III: “the dear little fellow”

Mary Baker Eddy treasured this framed photograph of her grandson George W. Glover III, which she kept on display in her living room.

Women of the World: Annie Knott

Next in our monthly series: A woman who helped break new ground in turn-of-the-century Christian healing.

Abraham Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation, and Mary Baker Eddy

To commemorate the publication of the Emancipation Proclamation, artist Francis Bicknell Carpenter (1830-1900) sought to depict President Lincoln reading it to his cabinet in September 1862.

Were African-Americans involved in the early history of Christian Science?

Yes. One noteworthy individual was Marietta Webb. Her first experience with Christian Science was in 1897, when she called a practitioner to help her young son, who was very ill.

How did Mary Baker Eddy get around in the wintertime?

“Whenever there was the least bit of snow, enough to make the roads at all passable, we used to take the wheels off of her carriage and put on the runners.

Was grace said before meals in Mary Baker Eddy’s household?

We have found some information on this topic in reminiscences written by members of her household. At Chestnut Hill, where Eddy lived from 1908-1910, there was no established procedure for saying grace before meals.

Women of the World: Susan B. Anthony

Next in our monthly series