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"...objects more beautiful": The Mary Baker Eddy Memorial in Mount Auburn Cemetery

This month’s Object of the Month is a bit unusual—our object is not part of The Mary Baker Eddy Library’s collections. But it is nonetheless one that many visitors to the Boston area with interest in Eddy’s history have seen: The Mary Baker Eddy Memorial at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Historical Background of "Christian Healing" By Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Healing began as a sermon preached by Eddy at Hawthorne Hall in Boston.

Article III, Section 6: “Readers in Branch Churches”

This page is focused on the final two sentences of this By-Law: "They shall make no remarks explanatory of the LESSON-SERMON at any time, but they shall read all notices and remarks that may be printed in the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE QUARTERLY.

Audiocast: Truth and Consequences - Biographies of Mary Baker Eddy

The Library hosted a live, hour-long online participatory discussion on biographies of Mary Baker Eddy.

“Set free the Captive”: Mary Baker Eddy and Prison Reform

While many of our readers may be aware of Mary Baker Eddy’s generous donations to a variety of charities, her deep interest in the reformation of prisoners is much less well known. This interest went back to a family connection she had with some of the greatest prison reformers of her era, and specifically with the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord.

What is the Historical Background of "No and Yes" by Mary Baker Eddy?

No and Yes began as an article in The Christian Science Journal of March 7, 1885, titled "Defence of Christian Science."

Buyer Beware: Mary Baker Eddy and "The Book of the Presidents"

Mary Baker Eddy’s celebrity made her a target for many solicitations. The Book of the Presidents is one interesting example of this. Hundreds of documents in the Library’s collections tell us about the negotiations and discussions; it’s a story with many twists and turns.