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How did Mary Baker Eddy get around in the wintertime?

“Whenever there was the least bit of snow, enough to make the roads at all passable, we used to take the wheels off of her carriage and put on the runners.

Was grace said before meals in Mary Baker Eddy’s household?

We have found some information on this topic in reminiscences written by members of her household. At Chestnut Hill, where Eddy lived from 1908-1910, there was no established procedure for saying grace before meals.

Women of the World: Susan B. Anthony

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Audiocast: Revelations — What Scholars Learn from the the Mary Baker Eddy Collection

On March 7 at 2pm, join Dr. David Holland, a Research Fellow at The Mary Baker Eddy Library and Associate Professor of North American Religious History at the Harvard Divinity School, and Mike Davis, Senior Researcher at The Mary Baker Eddy Library, for a conversation on how The Mary Baker Eddy Library collections are bringing about new understanding of Mary Baker Eddy.

Laying the cornerstone: “Let this ceremony be simple, prayerful, devout.”

One hundred and twenty years ago this month (January 6, 1895), the original Mother Church edifice was dedicated in Boston. Its cornerstone had been laid less than eight months before.

Is it true that Mary Baker Eddy did not write a portion of a letter to church members? Isn’t that plagiarism?

This is a question about the so-called “man of integrity” passage, a portion of Mary Baker Eddy’s 1895 letter to the First Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist (see Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, 147-148).

A Christmas Gift from Mary Baker Eddy

Learn about Mary Baker Eddy's Christmas gift to Sunday School children in 1904.