Transfers by gift from the Library to Longyear Museum

Since 2015 the Christian Science Board of Directors has transferred by gift to Longyear Museum a number of items from The Mary Baker Eddy Library collections. These transfers include two carriages, furniture, and artwork from Eddy’s last home at 400 Beacon Street, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Why make these transfers? In 2014 the Library began to reevaluate its Object Collection, especially items from Chestnut Hill. Best practices indicated that furnishings of historic houses should be exhibited and interpreted in context—in the houses to which they belonged. Longyear owns 400 Beacon Street and has successfully restored Eddy’s former home at 8 Broad Street in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Longyear has agreed to offer transferred items back to The Mother Church, should it wish to dispose of them. Items may also be loaned back to The Mary Baker Eddy Library for exhibit purposes. The transferred furniture and artwork is in storage while the Chestnut Hill home is restored.

The Mary Baker Eddy Library offers research opportunities, programs, and exhibits to the public. The current temporary exhibit: “Fervent Hearts, Willing Hands: Christian Science from Discovery to Global Movement,” can also be experienced on the Library’s website:

The Library’s archives include documents and photographs, related to Eddy and to the history of the Christian Science movement from its beginning to the present time. The Library accepts donations of documents, photographs, books, and some objects for its collections.

For more information, please contact
Stephanie Mokszycki, Associate Registrar
[email protected]

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