Hebraica Biblia, latina planeq(ue) noua Sebast. Mvnsteri tralatione post omneis omnium hactenus ubiuis gentium æditiones euulgata & quoad fieri potuit hebraicæ ueritati conformata: adiectis insuper è Rabinorum commentarijs annotationibus haud pœnitendis pulchrè & uoces ambiguas & obscuriora quæq(ue) loca elucidantibus: accesserunt in hac secunda æditione multæ nouæ annotationes præsertim in Pentateucho...

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Basel: Insingrinius and Petrus, 1546.


Folio. Bound in contemporary stamped pigskin. Brass clasps (one missing). Early example of a Hebrew-Latin Bible. Text in parallel columns of Hebrew and Latin.


Language: Hebrew and Latin [Hebrew Bible, in plain Latin; in a new translation by Sebastian Munster….

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