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The collections listed here are central to the Library’s mission and include letters, manuscripts, photographs, objects, books, periodicals, and other materials. The following is only an outline of these resources.

An asterisk (*) indicates that parts of these collections have been digitized and are available electronically on-site in our Research & Reference Services. They cannot be accessed remotely.

Collections drawn from the Organizational Records of The First Church of Christ, Scientist are also accessible. Researchers may also wish to use our reference collection, searchable via online catalog, and our collection of online databases.

For access to Mary Baker Eddy’s manuscripts, please visit This website includes annotated transcriptions and original scanned documents from 1872 through 1882.

Mary Baker Eddy Articles, c. 1835-1910*

This collection contains articles and other manuscript material written by Mary Baker Eddy, her secretaries, and others who wrote on her behalf. Specific material in this collection includes two volumes of “The Bible in its Spiritual Meaning” (also known as the Genesis Manuscript); two copybooks of poems and other manuscript material; two volumes of typewritten manuscripts and clippings for The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany; two volumes of an edited typescript for Miscellaneous Writings, 1883-1896; two volumes of edited proofs for various publications including the Manual of The Mother Church; a volume of various deeds and leases.

Mary Baker Eddy Autographed and Inscribed Books, n.d, 1875-1910

This collection consists of 198 books and pamphlets, signed and inscribed by Mary Baker Eddy and presented to her relatives, students, and contemporaries. The bulk of the collection includes Eddy’s published writings.

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Mary Baker Eddy Book Collection, 1551-1910

The Mary Baker Eddy Book Collection consists of approximately 450 books from Mary Baker Eddy’s Chestnut Hill home (400 Beacon). Bulk of the books were present in her study before their transfer to the Archives. The collection consists of Bibles, Bible reference books, and other titles by authors Eddy was known to have liked or referenced, books by contemporaries, and books by Eddy. Many of the books contain notations by Eddy and inscriptions from authors of the books to Eddy.

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Mary Baker Eddy and Calvin A. Frye Diary Collection, c. 1861-1917*

This collection contains 149 small notebooks written by Calvin A. Frye, Mary Baker Eddy’s personal secretary, with some entries by Mary Baker Eddy. Entries vary in content from “to do” lists, addresses, accounting, grocery lists, prayers (or watches), procedures for various tasks, and other items of note. Many entries contain sections of text in Pitman shorthand.

Mary Baker Eddy Incoming Correspondence, n.d., 1868-1910

This collection consists mainly of letters received by Mary Baker Eddy and members of her household from c. 1880-1910. A small quantity of earlier correspondence also exists in the file. Comments, notations, and responses by her or her staff also appear on some documents. Correspondents include family, students, employees, Christian Scientists, the general public, and a few notable figures such as journalist Arthur Brisbane and suffragist Mary Livermore. There are approximately 6,700 correspondent files, many consisting of one letter. It is likely that her personal secretary, Calvin A. Frye, organized this file with assistance from other secretaries in later years.

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Mary Baker Eddy Outgoing Correspondence, c. 1835-1910*

The Outgoing Correspondence file consists of letters written by Mary Baker Eddy, her secretaries, or other household workers. Although a few letters date back to the 1830s, the bulk of correspondence is from the 1880s to 1910. Correspondents include students, friends, business associates, family, employees, and the Christian Science Board of Directors. Topics of correspondence include counsel, instruction, business details, invitations, and thank-you notes.

Mary Baker Eddy Pamphlets and Serial Publications, 1856-1910, 1912

The Mary Baker Eddy Pamphlets and Serial Publications Collection consists of over 600 items from Mary Baker Eddy’s files from her last residence at Chestnut Hill. The collection is made up of pamphlets and serial publications. The pamphlets consist of small leaflets or booklets of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and additional authors including persons significant to the history of Christian Science (Edward A. Kimball, Bliss Knapp, Septimus J. Hanna, etc.). The serial publications consists of magazines and journals published at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly) mostly titles published by The Christian Science Publishing Society. Many of the items are annotated or marked as noted in the finding aid.

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Mary Baker Eddy and Calvin A. Frye Scrapbooks, c. 1835–1913

This is a collection of 33 scrapbooks containing clippings from magazines and newspapers on subjects ranging from the Civil War to the rights of women, as well as articles on Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science, and the development of the Church of Christ, Scientist. A few books contain published writings or comments by Eddy. Finding aid includes titles of clippings, dates, publication titles, and other detailed information.

Autograph Album Collection

Autograph albums were sentimental keepsakes popular from the 15th century to the mid-19th century. They were frequently used in classroom settings, to collect the signatures of classmates and instructors. The Autograph Album Collection consists of 13 albums. A bulk of the collection consists of albums containing the signatures of students from Eddy’s Primary and Normal classes; sometimes they contain her signature as their instructor. She herself owned only two of the albums (2000.01.02 and 2000.01.12). One of these was a gift from her last Primary Class (taught February 25 to March 5, 1889). The earliest album in the collection (2000.01.12) contains autographs from friends and family, including Eddy’s cousin Henry M. Baker and her sister Martha S. Pillsbury.

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Autographed and Inscribed Books, n.d., 1875-1962

The Autographed and Inscribed Books Collection consists of over 100 books with signatures, annotations, or inscriptions. People who were significant in the history of Christian Science either sent or received these books. They include contemporaries of Mary Baker Eddy, such as members of her household staff; people who held positions in The First Church of Christ, Scientist or the Christian Science Publishing Society; those who corresponded with Eddy; and people who worked in the Christian Science movement post-1910.

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Calvin Frye Book Collection

This collection was purchased from Oscar H.P. Frye, nephew of Calvin Frye, Mary Baker Eddy’s personal secretary. Book and periodical titles include various Christian Science-related publications, reference books, and Bibles.

Georgine Milmine Collection

The Georgine Milmine collection documents research, writing, and correspondence related to a series of articles about Mary Baker Eddy that appeared in McClure’s Magazine from January 1907 to June 1908. The collection also contains material related to the 1909 biography by Georgine Milmine titled The Life of Mary Baker Eddy and the History of Christian Science, which was based on the McClure’s series.

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Historic Bible Collection, c. 1530-2007

The Historic Bible Collection began to take form in the 1930s, when a Christian Scientist in England donated a number of rare Bibles to The Mother Church in Boston. The Christian Science Board of Directors’ original criteria for adding to the Bible collection were “editions which indicate steps in the history of mankind or which have been of great benefit or value to a large number of people.” Rather than simply unusual or rare, the Bibles needed to “represent turning points in history.” This collection now numbers 465 volumes. It includes first editions of the Coverdale, Matthew, and King James Bibles, as well as historic Bible reference, devotional, and related books. View a selection of Bibles from this collection.

Miscellaneous Writings, 1883-1896

Miscellaneous Writings, 1883-1896 was first published in 1897. It is comprised of pieces written by Mary Baker Eddy, as well as other writings taken primarily from The Christian Science Journal. This index is intended to help in locating the original articles that are the source for much of Miscellaneous Writings. The information has been sorted chronologically, and also by the page number in which an article appears in Miscellaneous Writings.

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Objects Collection, c. 1830 – Present

The Mary Baker Eddy Library maintains a modest object collection relating to Mary Baker Eddy and the history of the Christian Science movement. This collection is comprised of artwork and three dimensional objects created by artists, individuals, and other manufacturers not affiliated with The Christian Science Publishing Society or The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, as well as objects produced and/or copyrighted by The Christian Science Publishing Society or The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston.

Photographs, c. 1850-1970*

Approximately 9,000 images of Mary Baker Eddy, and people, places, and events associated with her or the development of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, are included in this collection. Photographs taken by Calvin Frye, Minnie Weygandt, John Salchow, and other household members capture rare behind-the-scenes details of her daily life. Other historic images document a wide variety of subjects, including the building of the structures that form The First Church of Christ, Scientist, headquarters in Boston.

Publisher’s Correspondence File, c. 1885-1889

This collection of letters, mainly written to Mary Baker Eddy or Calvin Frye, includes orders for Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other Christian Science publications. A number of letters contain reports of healing, requests for Christian Science treatment, and inquiries regarding class instruction in Christian Science healing. Letters are generally from her students, booksellers, University Press (Eddy’s printer), and others interested in Christian Science. This collection is part of the Incoming Correspondence File Collection.

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Reminiscence File, c. 1870-present

This file contains more than 800 largely retrospective accounts by men and women who knew Mary Baker Eddy. The reminiscences cover Eddy’s lifetime, from her childhood in New Hampshire to her final years in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Most were written in the decades after her death in 1910. Reminiscences are typewritten and handwritten; some diaries are included.

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Subject File, c. 1800-present

This file contains documents on hundreds of subjects related to Mary Baker Eddy, her church, her achievements, and the men and women who knew and helped her. Arranged alphabetically by topic, the file includes information on the publication and sale of her major work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; details on the organizations she founded and led; and biographical and family information.

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The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Original Edifice, “Mrs. Eddy’s Room” books, 1886-1907

The collection consists of 25 books and three bookmarks placed in “Mrs. Eddy’s Room” in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Original Edifice. “Mrs. Eddy’s Room”—originally referred to as “Mother’s Room” until 1903, when the Church Manual By-Law “The Title of Mother Changed” (now Article XXII, Section 1) was adopted—was a furnished apartment created solely for Mary Baker Eddy’s use.

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