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71. The history of Communion in Christian Science church services


Why do Christian Science branch churches have special Communion services, while The Mother Church in Boston does not?

Tsianina Redfeather Blackstone, a singer and performer of Creek and Cherokee ancestry, c. 1915–1920. Courtesy of Library of Congress.
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Learn about the steps we take in transcribing and annotating Mary Baker Eddy’s correspondence.

Book cover which has two open doors and the list of the titles of a number of Christian Science books.
Review: An Annotated Bibliography of Academic and Other Literature on Christian Science

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Read why this significant resource has the potential to revolutionize scholarly inquiry into Christian Science and its history.

Mary Baker Eddy meets with staff members at Pleasant View in Concord, New Hampshire
What did Eddy say about weather and climate?

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Read how she advised Christian Scientists to approach climatic conditions of various kinds, including their impact on physical well-being.

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