Paul Deland posing with a decorated cake that says, "50th Anniversary"
The Paul Deland scrapbooks

From the Collections

Learn about the esteemed career of a veteran Christian Science Monitor journalist through these unique artifacts.

Leather bound Science and Health laid on a table
What are considered the major editions of Science and Health?

Ask a researcher

Here’s information on what we feel are Eddy’s most significant updates to the book’s text.

Top: scan of Wentworth notes with pen and paper. Bottom Left; photo of Mary Baker Eddy. Bottom right: photo of Sally Wentworth
A copyist for Mary Baker Eddy

From the Papers

Learn about an important role in the creation of early “teaching manuscripts.”

Cover artwork for Episode 71
Mary Baker Eddy, corresponding across family divides


Find out what was at stake for Eddy in reaching out to cherished family members, despite significant barriers in culture, education, and religion.

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