Collage of Bette Graham holding a Liquid Paper bottle
April School Vacation Week 2023

Come to the Library April 19–20, when we offer April school vacation week programming for young people!

Collage of Grand Rapids church front and map of Michigan
Early stories of Christian Science in Michigan

Featured Article

Discover how seeds of inspiration and resolve grew into a healing force for Midwesterners attracted to a growing religion.

Newspaper clippings and portraits of Sue Ella Bradshaw and Minnie B. Hall DeSoto
“Open a public institute at once”

From the Mary Baker Eddy Papers

Learn about an important early development in teaching Christian Science.

MBEL Host and guests sitting at a table during the live recording of the Seekers and Scholars podcast
Christian Scientist women and Alice Paul's campaign for women's rights

PODCAST — March 2022

Discover thought-provoking connections between Christian Science and women’s rights movements of the twentieth century.

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