MBEL Host and guests sitting at a table during the live recording of the Seekers and Scholars podcast
The spirit of 1886 in the Mary Baker Eddy Papers

PODCAST — February 2022

Why was 1886 a big year for the Christian Science church? Find out from the Mary Baker Eddy Papers team, in this recording with a live audience.

Lambeth Palace, the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury
The 1953–1958 Archbishops’ Commission on Divine Healing and the Christian Science response

Featured Articles

Learn how Christian Scientists participated in a significant study by the Church of England on healing through prayer.

Page out of one of Mrs. Eddy's writings
How did Mary Baker Eddy employ the term physics?

Ask a Researcher

Find out about her use of terminology central to the study of Christian Science.

Portrait of Maj Anderson, Portrait of Mary Baker Eddy, and digital image of Manuscript of “Maj Anderson and Our Country,”
“Maj Anderson and Our Country”

From the Papers

See how Eddy supported Union efforts leading up to the Civil War, through this 1861 poem.

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