About Us

The Mary Baker Eddy Library:

  • Opened to the public in Boston in 2002.
  • Houses one of the largest collections documenting an American woman.
  • Answers questions about Eddy and the history of Christian Science.
  • Produces a podcast, and programs for adults and young people.
  • Publishes articles and features regularly on this website.
  • Creates exhibits that draw on its collections.
  • Promotes independent inquiry and open archival access.

Our mission:

The Mary Baker Eddy Library provides public access to original materials and educational experiences about Mary Baker Eddy; the ideas she advanced; her writings; and the institutions she founded and their healing mission.

Our history:

The Library opened in 2002 providing public programs and exhibits, and offering in-person and remote access to its collections. It is a place for people to explore the life, ideas, and achievements of Mary Baker Eddy, as well as the history of the Christian Science movement. 

Our collections:

The Library houses materials that the Church began collecting and preserving in 1907. Over the years, the archives grew to include reminiscences of Mary Baker Eddy, as well as an extensive collection of her correspondence, along with other documents, photographs, objects, and books relating to Eddy and the church she founded. It is one of the largest collections by and about an American woman.

Our staff:

We work in five main areas:

  • Communications: Engagement with all Library audiences, including public outreach, newsletters, website content, social media, copyright and other legal matters, public events, and general information.
  • The Mary Baker Eddy Papers: Access to Mary Baker Eddy’s previously unpublished works, including sermons, manuscripts, and her outgoing and incoming correspondence online at mbepapers.org
  • Programs: Mission-related events, workshops, discussions, and other activities for adult and youth audiences.
  • Research & Reference Services: Activities related to researching the Library’s collections, including facilitating on-site access in the Research Room, answering questions related to the collections, and coordinating the fellowship program.
  • Records Management & Special Collections: Management and care of the Library’s collections, including The Mary Baker Eddy Collection and the organizational archives and business records of The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Committed to open access and independent inquiry, we strive to be a trusted and authoritative source for the public.