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Is it true that Mary Baker Eddy did not write a portion of her letter to church members? Isn’t that plagiarism?

This is a question about the so-called “man of integrity” passage, a portion of Mary Baker Eddy’s 1895 letter to the First Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist (see Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, 147-148).

A Christmas Gift from Mary Baker Eddy

Learn about Mary Baker Eddy's Christmas gift to Sunday School children in 1904.

Why does the Order of Service for Christian Science Thanksgiving services specify "Testimonies by Christian Scientists, appropriate for the occasion"?

An answer to why testimonies for the Thanksgiving service specify "by members of the congregation."

Why did Mary Baker Eddy ask the members of her Church to pray for a peaceful resolution to the Russo-Japanese War?

While we don’t have a definitive answer from Eddy herself, we can provide some context. Her request is dated June 13, 1905.

When did the profession of Christian Science practitioner begin?

Those engaged in the full-time practice of Christian Science healing can be found in the first issue of the Journal in 1883. However, even before then, in 1877...

"A Faithful Likeness”: Alice Barbour’s portrait of Mary Baker Eddy

Learn about portrait artist Alice Barbour's iconic portrait of Mary Baker Eddy, completed in late 1910.

Audiocast: "We Gather Together"—Mary Baker Eddy and the Evolution of the Holidays in American Culture.

This program explored ways that Mary Baker Eddy's views and practices relate to the unfolding story of how culture, commerce, religion, and tradition intersect during the holiday season.