On October 3, 2019, Dr. Sara Georgini gave an author talk at The Mary Baker Eddy Library about her book Household Gods: The Religious Lives of the Adams Family. A discussion followed on how thinkers such as Mary Baker Eddy and members of the Adams family—including President John Adams and his wife Abigail—engaged with the pressing questions of religious relevance in a modernizing world.

We invited Dr. Georgini back for further conversation about ways the Adams family history reflects the larger religious history of America, including how it related to Eddy’s writings and experiences.

Click here to watch a replay of the October 3 author talk.

Podcast guests

Dr. Sara GeorginiDr. Sara Georgini earned her Ph.D. in American history at Boston University. She is Series Editor for The Papers of John Adams, part of the Adams Papers Editorial Project at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Her book Household Gods: The Religious Lives of the Adams Family is a history of faith and doubt in one American family. It charts the cosmopolitan Christianity that the Adamses developed while acting as transnational agents of American politics and culture.

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