Peek into the fascinating world of Mary Baker Eddy’s correspondence. And learn about some of the many relationships she had with a variety of people, as she shepherded the Christian Science movement forward. Dr. Sherry Darling and Bronwen Arthur lead a dedicated team in organizing, transcribing, analyzing, digitizing, and annotating tens of thousands of documents. Through these primary resources, the Mary Baker Eddy Papers project has opened up a deep reservoir of Christian Science history, offering countless research possibilities. In this episode, Darling and Arthur highlight the many dimensions of Eddy’s career. They bring us into their team’s activities in making its discoveries available through the Mary Baker Eddy Papers website. 

Mary Baker Eddy Papers website

An example of an interesting letter recently published by the Papers

Podcast guests

 Dr. Sherry DarlingDr. Sherry Darling is Editor of the Mary Baker Eddy Papers, a digital effort to annotate and publish Mary Baker Eddy’s correspondence and manuscripts online. She has been researching and writing about Eddy and the history of Christian Science for the Library since she joined the staff in 2002. Prior to editing Eddy’s papers, she worked at the Library as a researcher, writing historical articles and managing a variety of projects that included the fellowship program, newsletters, exhibits, and software migrations. She earned her Ph.D. in theatre history and literature from Tufts University.


Bronwen ArthurBronwen Arthur joined the Library’s Papers team in 2016. Before that she worked as a researcher at the Library and held several positions at The Christian Science Publishing Society. She holds degrees from Principia College and the University of Queensland.



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