Join us for this special “book talk conversation” with Longyear Museum’s Heather Vogel Frederick. She shares stories and insights from her most recent book, Life at 400 Beacon Street: Working in Mary Baker Eddy’s Household (Longyear Museum Press, 2019). You’ll get a glimpse into the lives of men and women who worked between 1908 and 1910 at Mary Baker Eddy’s final residence in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts—their home as well as the buzzing headquarters of the global Christian Science movement. Referring to 400 Beacon Street as “one of the most mentally active, high-profile households in the world,” Frederick talks with podcast host Jonathon Eder about topics big and small. We get a fascinating look into Eddy’s vital preparations for the future of her church. We also learn about her caring interactions with those who answered the call to work under her roof.

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Podcast guest

Heather Vogel Frederick began her writing career in the newsroom of The Christian Science Monitor and worked for the next two decades as a journalist and freelance writer. Eventually she pivoted to writing fiction for young readers. Since then she has published 20 novels and picture books with Simon & Schuster. She is also co-author with Isabel Ferguson of the 2013 biography A World More Bright: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, published by The Christian Science Publishing Society. Today Frederick is Director of Research and Publications at Longyear Museum. She has written two books for Longyear Museum Press: Life at 400 Beacon Street: Working in Mary Baker Eddy’s Household and “A Woman of Sound Education” – Mary Baker Eddy’s School Years.

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