In this episode, Dr. Barry Huff and Dr. Sherry Darling discuss the significance of biblical interpretation to the advancement of human rights, focusing on issues important to women. Our guests explore Mary Baker Eddy’s liberating and healing perspective on controversial biblical texts, showing how her understanding of the Bible both resonated with and challenged feminist biblical interpretation in her time.

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Podcast guests

Dr. Barry HuffDr. Barry R. Huff is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Chair of the Religion and Philosophy Department at Principia College. His chapter “Mary Baker Eddy: Liberating Interpreter of the Pauline Corpus” appears in Strangely Familiar: Proto-Feminist Interpretations of Patriarchal Biblical Texts, published by the Society of Biblical Literature. Huff’s master’s degrees from Eden Theological Seminary and Columbia Theological Seminary focused on biblical studies, as did his Ph.D., which he received with distinction from Union Presbyterian Seminary.

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Dr. Sherry DarilingDr. Sherry Darling is Editor of the Mary Baker Eddy Papers, a digital effort to annotate and publish Eddy’s correspondence and manuscripts online. She has been researching and writing about Mary Baker Eddy and the history of Christian Science for The Mary Baker Eddy Library since she joined the staff in 2002. Prior to editing Eddy’s papers, she worked at the Library as a researcher, writing historical articles and managing a variety of projects that included the fellowship program, the newsletter, exhibits, and software migrations. She earned her Ph.D. in theatre history and literature from Tufts University.

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