Christian Science Chaplaincy — excerpts from our oral history project

Karl “Sandy” Sandberg

Karl "Sandy" Sandberg
Karl “Sandy” Sandberg, n.d.. Unknown photographer. Church Archives, 534081/379709.

Sandberg recounts his path to the chaplaincy and his experiences serving as a US Army chaplain in Vietnam.

Karl “Sandy” Sandberg, interviewed by Stephen Graham and Judy Huenneke, August 9, 2018.

Teresa “Terri” Erickson

Karl "Sandy" Sandberg
Terese “Terri” Erickson in uniform, c.1987. Unknown photographer. Church Archives, 35975/346972

Terese Erickson was appointed chaplain in 1984 and served in the US Air Force until 2009. She was the first woman to serve as a senior chaplain in the South Pacific.

Terese Erickson, interviewed by Stephen Graham and Judy Huenneke, June 13, 2018.

Motivation behind joining the chaplaincy

Sandberg discusses what drew him to the chaplaincy, particularly his desire to serve in Vietnam, although not as a combatant. 

Erickson discusses her motives for joining the chaplaincy.

Personal experiences

Sandberg further discusses immediately shipping out to Vietnam in 1970, following his graduation.

Erickson tells how she faced sexism when entering chaplain training. Describing her experiences, she talks about how Chaplain Janet Horton inspired her.

Importance of the Chaplaincy

Sandberg explains the importance of interfaith ministry, telling how he approached prayer with men of all denominations.

Erickson explains how the approach she took in her ministry influenced chaplains of other faiths, helping them to better understand Christian Science, as well as their own roles.

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