Finding Peace

Forgiveness is an act of peace.
Kindness is an act of peace
Understanding and even reflection are acts of peace.

Spring 2011 Р Spring 2012

Mary Baker Eddy said, “Of this we may be sure: that thoughts winged with peace and love breathe a silent benediction over all the earth.” She showed through her life and work that individual actions can lead to peace.

Armed with magnifying glasses and confronted with 336 square feet of quotes, photographs, and stories on expansive panels of stylized text and detailed pictures, this participatory exhibit asked visitors to find peace in printed quotations from Eddy and other great thinkers, objects from the collection, and four selected characteristics of a peacemaker: kindness, reflection, forgiveness, understanding.

All visitors to the exhibit, in person or online, were invited to share their thoughts about peace. The exhibit posed five questions to its visitors, which you can browse freely below.

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