Art meets journalism in this exhibit focused on the spirit of global outreach.

Portrait_of_Global_Caring_Exhibit_01-B_CropPORTRAITS OF GLOBAL CARING marries artwork from young people around the globe with feature stories in the news. It highlights individuals from all walks of life, in all regions of the world, who are addressing problems and bringing about positive change–and it connects them to a surrounding artscape of diverse cultures, environments, and perspectives. Among the people you will discover in Portraits of Global Caring are:

  • A British woman, whose visit to Thailand changed her life when she found herself caring for the wounded bodies and spirits of orphaned and abused elephants.
  • A Colombian dancer and teacher, who saw beyond his country’s class system to create a school to care for the souls and talents of vulnerable youth.
  • An American-turned-Israeli artist, whose reverence for all peoples in her new homeland found expression through interweaving traditional Jewish and Arab clothing.

Examples of artwork by global youth that you will encounter include:Global-Caring_Artwork

  • The self-portrait of a girl from Togo, who envisions her future as breaking through gender barriers.
  • The vibrant portrayal of a community festival, drawn by a 13-year-old Indian boy.
  • The youthful vitality of horseback riding games in landlocked Central Asia, captured through the eyes of a sixth-grader from Kyrgyzstan.

Portraits of Global Caring is a collaborative exhibit based on the activities of three Boston-based institutions, each with a distinct mission and global embrace:

  • OneWorld Classrooms, providing a range of educational experiences designed to expand cross-cultural understanding in the K-12 curriculum. Its Boston 140 exhibit includes artwork reflecting the 140 nations represented by the city’s youth.
  • The Christian Science Monitor, featuring its “People Making a Difference” series, profiling ordinary people who take extraordinary action for change all over the world.
  • The Mary Baker Eddy Library, making available collections, programs, and exhibits that reflect the lifework of Mary Baker Eddy and her contribution to universal progress and healing.



Mary Baker Eddy Library

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