Webcast: 100 years of Christian Science military ministry — a call to serve

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This webcast marks the centennial of Christian Science military ministry, honoring the men and women who since 1917 have answered this call to serve. Walter Cross and Martin Jackson became the first Christian Scientists to serve as chaplains in the United States Armed Forces during World War I. Since then, in peacetime and wartime, 125 Christian Scientists have added their names and their experiences to the ongoing story of military ministry, committing to the highest ideals of Christian service and healing.

Webcast guests

Kim Schuette is a former chaplain, author of Christian Science Military Ministry 1917-2004 (2008), and editor of The Wartime Diaries of Chaplain Richard H. Chase (2017).

Chaplain Maya Dietz, (Capt.) US Army, is currently on active duty with an artillery unit stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Janet Horton, Chaplain (Col.) US Army (Ret.), is Endorsing Agent for the Christian Science chaplain program and author of Cracking the Camouflage Ceiling (2017). She was the first Christian Science woman chaplain and one of the first women chaplains in the US military.

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