From the Papers: Correspondence with Ira and Flavia Knapp

November 18, 2019

Ira O. Knapp and Flavia Stickney Knapp had significant careers in Christian Science, beginning in 1884 when Ira became interested in Mary Baker Eddy’s teaching. This was after he met Julia S. Bartlett, one of her students. Soon after that both Knapps received Christian Science treatment through prayer.

The couple then studied with Eddy, completing Primary classes in 1884 and 1885. During this time they exchanged letters with their teacher. These show their dedication as they confronted early struggles in their healing practices.

Eddy responded to their humble letters with strong statements of encouragement, such as this one: “You know what I taught you is true. Now do not let the enemy sow tares while you sleep – be awake, and watch. Deny with all boldness that you cannot heal, for to admit it is dishonoring God since He it is who heals, worketh through us and we must see that we reflect Him, — reflect the divine power[.]”

Click below to access annotated transcriptions of these letters:

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