From the Papers: Easter season

March 16, 2020

In 1885 Mary Baker Eddy presented this invitation to the audience of an Easter service, likely held on April 5:

Let us accept dear friends the invitation of this Easter season and go back in thought to the garden and sepulchre where they laid him We shall pass from the cross to the sepulchre from the fierce faces and heartrending brutality of his foes at the cross to his silent resting place And there pause for a blessed world saving [A10765].

The Mary Baker Eddy Papers includes several documents related to this particular service, held in Boston’s Hawthorne Hall, including a newspaper article that was republished in The Christian Science Journal. That account reported:

[The] speaker took her text from Mark xvi. 3: “Who shall roll us away the stone from the sepulchre”? [Eddy] said: This stone, in a spiritual sense, is the human view entertained of the power, resistance, and substance of matter as opposed to the might and supremacy of spirit; that Jesus met this question and settled it on the side of God’s love and omnipotence, showing their triumph on all occasions [A10653].

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