From the Papers: Growing demand for Science and Health

February 15, 2019

Read a letter from Chicago bookseller Fleming H. Revell. He wrote to Mary Baker Eddy in 1884, requesting more copies of her book Science and Health, which she had published nine years before. People were coming into Revell’s shop daily looking for it, but the student of Eddy who usually supplied him couldn’t provide any additional copies. This letter illustrates the rapid growth of Christian Science in Chicago and Milwaukee at the time.

Click on the annotated document below that leads to the Mary Baker Eddy Papers website (it will open a new tab):

Fleming H. Revell to Mary Baker Eddy, June 12, 1884 (705B.83.058)

To find out more about the early history of Christian Science in Chicago, read this blog on The Mary Baker Eddy Library’s website: Women of History: Caroline Noyes.

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