Listen in on our conversation with historian and author Kim Schuette. He’ll discuss the history of the Christian Science military chaplaincy, in honor of that program’s centennial anniversary. Find out how Schuette got involved in researching and documenting the Christian Science chaplaincy—work that has uncovered many stories and revealed the impact chaplains have made over the past 100 years.

Watch a replay of our webcast “100 years of Christian Science Military Ministry: A Call to Serve.”

Podcast guest

Kim SchuetteKim Schuette was an active duty chaplain in the US Army from 1975 to 1983. He served in Ft. Hood, Texas, as well as in Germany, where his unit provided security for nuclear weapons.

Years after his own service, Schuette began work on his 2008 book Christian Science Military Ministry 1917-2004, devoting ten years to researching and writing the stories of men and women who have ministered to the Armed Forces. The volume includes interviews with 70 chaplains from various denominations.

Schuette’s most recent book, The Wartime Diaries of Chaplain Richard H. Chase, highlights the career of a Christian Science chaplain who served in some of the most storied battles of World War II.

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