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Who should apply?

Applications for research fellowships at The Mary Baker Eddy Library are welcome from scholars and researchers working in such fields as women’s history, spirituality and health, religious studies, nineteenth century history, architecture, cultural and social history, and journalism. The Library awards fellowships to qualified individuals engaged in scholarly research and writing that coincides with and whose work would be enhanced by research in the Library collections. Preference will be given to applicants with a record of previous publication, or those showing strong potential for publication, and a definite plan for disseminating the research through publication, lecturing, etc. The fellowships are open to faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, independent researchers, and graduate students. Fellowships are available for one to eight weeks in residence at the Library.

What is the application deadline?

All application materials, including letters of recommendation, must be received by end of day March 2, 2020. Recommendations should be emailed to [email protected]. It is the applicant’s responsibility to arrange that all recommendations reach the Library by this deadline. Applications and supporting materials not received by end of day March 2 will not be considered. Fellowships will be announced by March 31, 2020.

What is the application procedure?

Follow the Application Instructions and fill out the online application form. Contact Library archive staff to discuss holdings relevant to your research topic: [email protected].

What is the best time for scheduling a period of residence?

Fellowships at the Library are generally awarded for the period between mid-June and mid-September. Successful candidates should indicate when they expect to be in residence at the time the fellowship offer is made (see Hours & Admission for Research & Reference Services hours).

What housing arrangements are available for fellows?

Fellows are responsible for making their own arrangements for housing in the Boston area.

What if I am not a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident of the U.S. and require a visa?

Applicants who are not U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents of the U.S. are responsible for securing their own visas.

What are the benefits of the fellowship?

Fellowship awards are based on “scholar weeks” and are offered in the amount of $900 per scholar week. Research fellows will be paid weekly at the beginning of each week of their residency.

What are the expectations for fellows?

All fellowship recipients are expected to be in regular and continuous use of the collections at the Library in Boston during their period of fellowship residence. Within 90 days of completing the fellowship, fellows are asked to submit a 200-word description of his/her final research product and experience using the collections. A copy of any publication(s) resulting from fellowship work should be provided to the Library.

What are the guidelines for photocopying and publication of collection materials?

Fellows are provided with forty (40) gratis photocopies per day, to support their research. Beyond the 40-page limit, the photocopying charge is $0.50 per page plus a service fee of $5 per 50 pages. Please be advised that any fellows who wish to publish material found in the Library’s archive will be responsible for paying for any applicable administration and/or licensing fees for use of such content. Additional information about the permissions process is available in the Library’s Research Room.

How may I obtain more information about The Mary Baker Eddy Library fellowships?

(617) 450-7218
[email protected]