Join us for a discussion with Dr. Rachel Monroy and Bronwen Arthur, from the Library’s Mary Baker Eddy Papers project. They share recent discoveries from Mary Baker Eddy’s writings during the Civil War period, just before her discovery of Christian Science. Her correspondence at that time demonstrates a commitment to all humans as “image bearers of God,” which fueled her vigorous efforts in support of emancipation. Eddy’s moral opposition to slavery in the United States prefigured the stance she later took for Christian Science, as a liberating influence for all of humanity.

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Podcast guests

Dr. Rachel MonroyDr. Rachel Monroy began working at the Mary Baker Eddy Papers in 2019. Previously she worked as Assistant Editor for the Papers of The Revolutionary Era Pinckney Statesmen. As a verifier and encoder, she spends her time checking the accuracy of transcriptions and preparing them for digital publication. She also enjoys opportunities to share the team’s findings through writing articles. She holds a Ph.D. in early American history from the University of South Carolina.

Bronwen ArthurBronwen Arthur joined the Mary Baker Eddy Papers team in 2016. Before that she worked as a researcher at the Library and held several positions with The Christian Science Publishing Society. As Assistant Editor, she does “a little bit of everything” to ensure that the work of transcribing, annotating, and publishing the Papers runs smoothly. She particularly enjoys sharing new findings through research articles, email updates, social media posts, and podcasts. She has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Queensland.

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