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15 Tips for Caring for Your Books

In order to protect their objects and archival materials, libraries and museums follow professional practices to promote long-term preservation. Your home, church, Reading Room, or workplace may not meet the somewhat rigorous standards of libraries and museums. But the following tips, adapted from professional standards, will still help you care for your books.

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Article III, Section 6: “Readers in Branch Churches”

This page is focused on the final two sentences of this By-Law: "They shall make no remarks explanatory of the LESSON-SERMON at any time, but they shall read all notices and remarks that may be printed in the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE QUARTERLY. This By-Law applies to Readers...

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Foods Prepared and Consumed in Mary Baker Eddy’s Household

The most complete information on Eddy’s diet starts with her 1892 move to Pleasant View, her home in Concord, New Hampshire. Members of her household wrote reminiscences of their time with her and detailed foods they ate. Minnie Weygandt, who served as Eddy’s cook...

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