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Article XXVII, Section 4: “Church Membership”

Mary Baker Eddy left no written record regarding why she established this By-Law, which forbids teaching “Roman Catholics Christian Science, except it be with the written consent of the authority of their Church.” This By-Law was adopted by the Christian Science Board...

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What were Eddy’s political views?

According to biographer Robert Peel, “Mrs. Eddy was brought up a Jacksonian Democrat [one who believes in more democracy for the citizenry, as seen in the politics of President Andrew Jackson], switched her sympathies to the new Republican Party at the time of the Civil War…

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The Color of Mary Baker Eddy’s Hair and Eyes

Eddy's hair color was dark brown, and by 1891, when she was 70, her hair was white. Her eye color, however, is harder to determine. In her reminiscence, Mary Stewart described Eddy's eyes as "blue...which changed as she talked - sometimes looking almost gray and...

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Technology in Mary Baker Eddy’s Household

Airplanes: “Calvin Frye was much interested in mechanical developments and was a steady subscriber to technical magazines. When it was announced that an airplane meet would take place at Squantum, Massachusetts, Mr. Frye and other members of the household very much...

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Mary Baker Eddy’s Experience During the Civil War

The U.S. Civil War, from 1861 to 1865, had a profound impact on the lives of every American who lived through it. Eddy was no exception; both her son and several friends served, and she herself lived through incredible hardships at a time when the entire country was...

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The Authorship of “The Secret”

This piece, sometimes called "Demonstration," begins, I have learned a great secret, for I have learned how to demonstrate. The piece has been attributed to Eddy, Irving Tomlinson (one of her secretaries), prominent early Christian Science...

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The History of the Mapparium

The Mapparium was conceived by the architect of the Christian Science Publishing House, Chester Lindsay Churchill. Originally called “the Glass Room,” or “the Globe Room,” “Mapparium” comes from the Latin words “mappa” (map) and “arium” (a place for). In the early...

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