Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is one of several books Mary Baker Eddy wrote. Most of her other works are bound together in Prose Works other than Science and Health. Eddy’s writings show her debt to the Bible and its role as primary source material for Christian Science.

According to Dr. Christopher Langton, Professor of Religion at Principia College until 2007, Eddy quoted the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures over 2,100 times in about 1,900 pages of published text. She favored the New Testament, especially Matthew and John, over the Old Testament, where she most often quoted Genesis and Psalms.

The words and works of Jesus Christ were a central focus for Eddy. St. Paul’s writings were also important in her output—she quoted from his seven undisputed letters over 200 times and frequently mentioned Paul.

Here’s an example of Eddy’s esteem for those two figures: “Great only as good, because fashioned divinely, were those unpretentious yet colossal characters, Paul and Jesus. Theirs were modes of mind cast in the moulds of Christian Science: Paul’s, by the supremely natural transforming power of Truth; and the character of Jesus, by his original scientific sonship with God.”1

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  1. Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, 360