“Exegesis” is a critical analysis or explanation of a text, and an “exegete” is a person skilled in exegesis, especially of the Scriptures. Exegeis is a Greek word that means, “to interpret.” After her discovery of Christian Science in 1866, Mrs. Eddy studied the Bible intensively and almost exclusively for several years. She made copious notes on her study, which she intended to shape into a book called “The Bible in its Spiritual Meaning.” The manuscript for this book was not completed. However, between 1872 and 1875, Mrs. Eddy wrote the first edition of her primary work, “Science and Health.” Its 1875 publication began to spread her ideas and methods to a broader audience. In 1883, a new section, “Key to the Scriptures” was added, including a glossary of Bible terms’ metaphysical meanings, and the book’s title was expanded to account for this addition. In 1886, “Key to the Scriptures” was expanded, including Eddy’s exegesis of parts of Genesis and Revelation. The exegeses and glossary occupy 100 pages of the book’s 700-page length.
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