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The development of the Christian Science Quarterly

Below is a timeline of the development of the Christian Science Quarterly, the weekly lesson distributed by the Christian Science Publishing Society designed and instigated by Mary Baker Eddy for study outside of Church services. 1885: Christian Science Sunday...

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Appendix of the Church Manual

To best answer this inquiry, we can point you toward an article in The Christian Science Journal that examines the origin of the last section of the Manual of The Mother Church, the Appendix.

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Myth: A Phone in Mary Baker Eddy’s Tomb

There is a long standing and false rumor that a telephone was installed in Mary Baker Eddy’s tomb at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While the rumor is false, it seems to be based on circumstances after her death on December 3, 1910. Following...

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What was Mary Baker Eddy’s perspective on women’s rights?

Eddy made few statements about this, but we do know that she valued the efforts of the women’s rights movement of her day. In 1882 she wrote her student Clara Choate: “let us work as the industrious Suffragists are at work who are getting a hearing all over the...

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How did Mary Baker Eddy get around in the wintertime?

Whenever there was the least bit of snow, enough to make the roads at all passable, we used to take the wheels off of her carriage and put on the runners. We had a couple of strings of silver bells for the horses and on a nice frosty day it made a pretty sight to see...

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