Did Mary Baker Eddy have anything to say about Henry Drummond and “The Greatest Thing in the World”?

June 28, 2018

Henry Drummond (1851–1897) was a Scottish evangelist. His book on First Corinthians 13, The Greatest Thing in the World and other Addresses, was first published in 1890.

In the May 1913 issue of The Christian Science Journal, Kate Davidson Kimball mentioned Drummond and his book. “Mrs. Eddy once said she had intended to write such a book herself,” she recalled, “but Professor Drummond had done it so well that he had saved her the effort.”

We’ve been unable to find any additional information concerning this comment. Kimball and her husband Edward A. Kimball, a Christian Science teacher and lecturer, were both students of Mary Baker Eddy, who may have conveyed what Mrs. Kimball recalled simply through conversation.

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