What did Mary Baker Eddy say about older versions of “Science and Health”?

April 22, 2018

Eddy revised Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures many times between its publication in 1875 and her passing in 1910. Over the years we have received numerous questions as to whether she required all Christian Scientists to buy the new editions of the book as they were released, and to destroy the old ones.

We can find nothing to substantiate this. Neither do we find any instructions in her writings about what to do with previous editions.

Eddy did, however, ask that the most recent edition of Science and Health be used in church services, as indicated in this 1907 letter to William Denison McCrackan, First Reader of The Mother Church:

It having come to my attention that my latest revision of Science and Health is not being read as yet in my church, I request that hereafter the last revision of my book be read at all the services in the Mother Church. I desire that the latest elucidation be given to human consciousness as soon as possible.1

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  1. Mary Baker Eddy to William Denison McCrackan, 19 September 1907, L05768.