Did Calvin Frye have a list of rules for Sunday School teachers?

June 6, 2018

Mary Baker Eddy’s longtime secretary Calvin Fry did have a book that listed rules for Sunday School teachers. But it wasn’t something he created.

Frye used the Class-Book for Sabbath-School Teachers to keep track of Christian Science Sunday School attendance, from November 1885 to September 1886. The book was published by the Congregational Publishing Society in Boston and included a list of fourteen “Duties of a Sabbath-School Teacher” on its last page. There is no evidence to suggest Frye used this book for anything but record keeping.

In Frye’s copy, the tenth duty on the list was crossed out. We don’t know, however, if he or someone else made the deletion.


  2. Thorough acquaintance with the lesson.
  3. Regular attendance on the Teachers’ Meeting and the Concert.
  4. Go from the closet to the class.
  5. In teaching be familiar, affectionate, practical, serious, earnest.
  6. Converse personally with each scholar respecting his soul. Merely asking the questions on the lesson will produce but little good.
  7. See that your instructions are enforced by your habitual life and conversation.
  8. Study the characters of your scholars, — their tempers, habits, associations, &c. — and adapt instruction accordingly.
  9. Visit the scholars at their homes, especially when they have been absent.
  10. Often look at the names of your scholars in the Class-Book, and think of the Judgment. [Dan 12:3 James 5:20]
  11. Bear each scholar on your heart in daily, earnest prayer.
  12. Make their SALVATION the great object of all your instructions.
  13. Regard your office as second in importance to none, excepting that of the pastor and the parent.
  14. Cultivate a spirit of ardent piety, self-consecration, and a constant dependence on God for success.

TEACHER! Momentous consequences may result from your performance or neglect of these duties. Will you not pray over them daily?

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