Did Mary Baker Eddy write it? The authorship of “Place”

August 27, 2018

Updated November 26, 2019

Our Research staff is often asked to authenticate a widely circulated article that begins “The place you seek is seeking you, the place you need is needing you.”

This article, sometimes titled “Place,” is often said to be the work of Mary Baker Eddy. It was in circulation as early as the 1930s.

The work also sometimes appears as “Letter from Mary Baker Eddy to Adam H. Dickey.” A frequent assertion is that it was a letter Adam Dickey studied for seven years before writing his well-known article “God’s Law of Adjustment.”

We have found no evidence that Eddy wrote “Place.” Nor can we substantiate the claim that it inspired Dickey in his work. We do not know who wrote the article.

The Mary Baker Eddy Library can assist you with authentication questions. Contact Research & Reference Services at [email protected].

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