From the Papers: “Our new field of work”

January 19, 2021

Victoria Sargent

Photo of Victoria Sargent, P01573; Victoria H. Sargent to Mary Baker Eddy, January 26, 1885, 437.52.002; Mary Baker Eddy to Victoria H. Sargent, January 31, 1885, L07849.


Last June we featured annotated letters from Laura E. Sargent to Mary Baker Eddy. This month we’re pleased to share correspondence between Laura’s older sister, Victoria H. Sargent, and Eddy.

Their exchange began two weeks after the sisters had returned home from taking Primary class instruction in Christian Science, which had opened on December 22, 1884. Victoria wrote, “We have all entered into our new field of work and have had some very nice demonstrations and we have not forgotten that lesson you taught us Dear Teacher to handle the serpent and know it is nothing.” You can read the fully annotated letter here.

Eddy responded: “I was pleased to hear from you and delighted to learn of the happiness and progress that attend you[.] It cannot be otherwise[.] You have the firm foundation of all harmony and holiness on which to plant all your future fruits of Life[.] May the dear Father keep you in his divine light and guide all your footsteps[.]” You can read the fully annotated letter here.

Victoria Sargent went on to take the Normal class from Eddy in 1886. She then devoted her life to Christian Science healing and teaching.

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