“Christmas Morn” was published in The Christian Science Journal for December 1898.1 It was first included in the Christian Science Hymnal in 1903; a notice regarding this was found in the Christian Science Sentinel, November 28, 1903.2

“Love” was issued first in the Journal for June 1896.3 The poem went into the Hymnal in 1932.

“Satisfied” appeared in the Sentinel for January 18, 1900,4 and in the Journal the following month.5 Together with “Love” it was published in the Hymnal for the first time in 1932.

“Mother’s Evening Prayer” was first printed in the Journal of August 1893.6 This hymn entered the Hymnal in 1910. It was originally titled “A Mother’s Evening Orison,” but was changed before it was first published. Adam Dickey recalls in his reminiscence when Eddy changed the last line to read “heavenly” in place of “far-off.” He writes: “I said that ‘her home and far-off rest’ carried the impression that she had a long and toilsome way ahead of her. She said ‘That is just the thing I want to get rid of.'”7 The line “far-off rest” appeared in the first publication of this hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal in 1910, but was soon changed to “heavenly rest.”

“Christ My Refuge” was first printed in the Lynn Reporter on February 15, 1868.8 The poem, with revisions by Eddy, appeared in the Journal on three occasions: June 1883;9 April 1887;10 and November 1887.11

“Communion Hymn” was first printed in the Lynn Transcript on December 2, 1876, titled “Hymn of Science.”12 It appeared in the Journal in March 1885,13 and after Eddy revised it and gave it the title “Communion. — Hymn of Christian Science,” reappeared in the issue of February 1889.14

“‘Feed My Sheep'” was first published in the Journal, March 1887.15 This poem, together with “Communion Hymn” and “Christ My Refuge,” appeared in the first Hymnal (1892).

Click here to read a blog post about Maria Louise Baum. An article on the hymns by Maria Louise Baum is found in the Concordance to Christian Science Hymnal and Hymnal Notes (171-174).16It was adapted from an article entitled “Mrs. Eddy’s Hymns” in the February 1914 Journal.17

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