Mary Baker Eddy was preacher as well as writer, healer, and teacher. She did most of her preaching in the 1880s in Boston and her sermons were packed with scriptural references.  Can you find one in the following passage from “The People’s Idea of God”—a sermon she delivered in Boston?

“Christian Science has one faith, one Lord, one baptism; and this faith builds on Spirit, not matter; and this baptism is the purification of mind,—not an ablution of the body, but tears of repentance, an overflowing love, washing away the motives for sin; yea, it is love leaving self for God” (p. 9).

If you identified “one Lord, one faith, one baptism” as a phrase from Ephesians 4:5, you were right! In fact, Eddy used the verse as her sermon text, returning to it at the conclusion of her homily.

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