Below is a timeline of the development of the Christian Science Quarterly, the weekly lesson distributed by the Christian Science Publishing Society designed and instigated by Mary Baker Eddy for study outside of Church services.

1885: Christian Science Sunday Schools, mainly adult classes, use The Pilgrim Quarterly for Senior Classes, an interdenominational Bible study publication.

1888 August: “Bible Lessons” are published in The Christian Science Journal, and are based on the International Series (an interdenominational Bible study publication). They include notes by Frank E. Mason, Assistant Pastor of the Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston.

1890 January: Christian Science Bible Lessons prepared by a committee are published in a separate periodical, at first monthly. Beginning in April 1890, this periodical appears quarterly. The committee uses the scriptural texts of the International Series adding citations from Science and Health.

1894 December: Mrs. Eddy ordains the Bible and Science and Health as Pastor of The Mother Church. The Bible Lessons in the Quarterly are used for Sunday sermons (starting in January 1895).

1895 April: The Bible and Science and Health become Pastor for all Churches of Christ, Scientist.

1898 Spring: Mrs. Eddy develops the twenty-six Lesson-Sermon subjects, which first appear in the July-September Quarterly. The Quarterly continues carrying the lessons based on the International Series for use in a second Sunday service where there is one (until April 1899).

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