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The webcast took place on March 7 at 2:00 p.m EST with Dr. David Holland, a Research Fellow at The Mary Baker Eddy Library and Associate Professor of North American Religious History at the Harvard Divinity School, and Mike Davis, Senior Researcher at The Mary Baker Eddy Library. The conversation was about how The Mary Baker Eddy Library collection is bringing about a new understanding of Mary Baker Eddy.

Professor Holland is currently at work on a book as a comparative study of Mary Baker Eddy and Ellen Gould White, a founder of Seventh-Day Adventism.  Last year, Dr. Holland gave a talk at The Mary Baker Eddy Library that explored his research findings for his forthcoming publication, and how they relate to the overall landscape of American religious history and the place of women within it.  Entitled “Hester Prynne, Mary Baker Eddy, and Women of Revelation in American History,” Holland’s remarks delved into the profundity and distinctiveness of American religious experience as expressed in Hawthorne’s celebrated novel The Scarlet Letter and how its themes pertain to the significance of the lifework and leadership of religious figures like Eddy and White.

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