1. Mary Lee Gough Nay, “Your Lesson-Sermons and You,” Christian Science Sentinel, 9 July 1960, 1224–1225. Nay had delivered this talk on June 7, at a meeting titled “Your Periodicals and You.”
  2. Founded in 1879, the Church of Christ (Scientist) met at a succession of locations, including Hawthorne and Chickering Halls in Boston. Eddy was ordained pastor of her church in 1881. She sometimes offered the pulpit to her students, usually those who had been Protestant clergy before embracing Christian Science. By 1886 Eddy was indicating that she hoped to appoint one of her students as pastor. See Mary Baker Eddy to Ellen Brown Linscott, 1 January 1886, L12984, https://mbepapers.org/?load=L12984. In 1889 she named Rev. Lanson P. Norcross to this role, when she left Boston and moved to New Hampshire.
  3. On the Papers website, it is possible to explore documents by type, including sermons. From the “Document Selection” menu, choose the category “Type,” and then take a look at documents under the “Sermon” type. You’ll also find sermon-related materials under the “Outline,” “Notes,” and “Order of Services” types as well.
  4. Powered by the growing Protestant Sunday School movement, the International Sunday School Lessons were the basis for youth and adult curricula across denominations.
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