Eddy went to dentists routinely during her life, including after her discovery of Christian Science. She had teeth filled and also extractions; by the end of her life she wore complete dentures. When undergoing dental procedures, she allowed her dentists to use the anesthetics of the day when they felt it would be necessary (see, for example, the article below relating Eddy’s visit to dentist Dr. John M. Fletcher, in the Christian Science Sentinel of December 6, 1900). It’s interesting to note that while none of Eddy’s dentists was a Christian Scientist, there were Christian Scientists who practiced dentistry in her time (and since). Some even wrote for the Christian Science periodicals about using Christian Science in dental practice. (For example, see the article below by Charles L. Van Fossen, D.D.S., “Application of Christian Science to Dentistry,” Sentinel, November 2, 1899.) In some of the early issues of the Journal of Christian Science, dentists advertised alongside Christian Science practitioners.

For further information:

“Christian Science and the Episcopal Congress” (December 6, 1900):


“Application of Christian Science to Dentistry” (November 2, 1899):


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